Top Best Life Insurance Companies In UK – Complete Guide

Life insurance is something we all have to think about at one point or another. As the cost of living continues to rise, and our salaries continue to be squeezed, there comes a time when we have to ask ourselves “What would happen if something happen to me?”. Yet buying life insurance can be a tricky decision to make, there are hundreds of life insurance companies in UK fighting for your business. There are also hundreds setting themselves apart with money off for certain things and promises that they will pay out everything you need.

When it comes to life insurance companies that you can trust, there are plenty to choose from in the UK. But choosing an insurer isn’t always easy. Whether you’re looking for a life insurance quote or need to find your best UK life insurance company, this article is here to help. Also, visit Best Degrees For Students In UK – Complete Guide

Legal & General

Legal & General is a UK-based insurer that has been providing insurance solutions since 1848. It is a mutual insurer that offers life and general insurance products to its customers. The company has almost 9 million customers, 6,000 employees and more than £30 billion in assets under management.

Legal & General offers the following types of life insurance policies:

Term Assurance – This is an investment-linked policy that pays out a lump sum amount on death or maturity date. It’s a good option if you want to save for future expenses such as children’s education, home renovations or retirement fund. Find more about Best Software For Students – Complete Guidelines

Investment Linked Assurance – This type of policy is similar to term assurance but also includes an investment element that grows tax-free over time. You can choose between having this investment linked to either your savings or pension fund. If you choose savings option, the policy will be paid out upon maturity date regardless of market performance since the company has invested your premiums into investments on your behalf. However, if you choose pension option, the policy will pay out upon death if you have met certain minimum income requirements set by the company rather than at maturity date.


Aviva is a leading insurer in the UK with a wide range of products and services to suit every need. They offer term life insurance and permanent policies as well as critical illness cover, income protection and mortgage protection insurance. The company also offers health and travel insurances along with savings accounts, funds management services and investment products like unit trusts and investments bonds. Aviva has been around since 1696 so they have established themselves as one of the best life insurers in UK. Check out also, Top Insurance Companies in USA – Car Insurance

The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited

The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited (Royal London) is a mutual insurance company. It was founded by members of the Society of Friends in 1815 and the first policy was issued in 1816. The society became a limited company in 1921, when it was joined by members of other religious groups and began to sell policies to the general public.

The society has two underwriting divisions: commercial and personal. Its business includes life assurance, pensions, investment products, mortgage protection and income protection products.

Standard Life Assurance Company

Standard Life is a UK-based financial services company operating its business primarily through its direct-to-consumer businesses. The group operates retail funds management business through Standard Life Investments Limited (SLI), which is one of the UK’s largest providers of investment funds for defined contribution pension schemes. SLI also provides discretionary fund management services to third party clients through its discretionary fund management service desk, which manages approximately £10 billion on behalf of clients who do not want their own employees managing their funds directly. SLI’s retail funds management business includes institutional business comprising corporate and institutional pension schemes, endowments and